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Ellab Thermal Validation Solutions are accurate, versatile and reliable.

Since the late 1940's Ellab A/S has been a leading manufacturer of complete Thermal Validation Solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries and other industries where thermal processing involves safety, energy savings, improvement of quality, optimization and where accurate and complete documentation is essential. Ellab Thermal Validation Solutions are accurate, versatile and reliable.

Temperature Validation & Monitoring Solutions

Temperature Validation & Monitoring Solutions

In the fifties there was a rapidly increasing demand from the food and pharmaceutical industries for fast and accurate temperature measurement during thermal processing. The combination of the electronic thermometer and the development of probes and accessories for measurements in all types of containers had a great impact for the industries, leading to the possibility of optimizing their processes in a way that was never seen before. 

During the sixties our systems were improved with the state of the art technology, and from the beginning of the seventies Ellab supplied the first digital thermometers and temperature recorders on the market. These instruments were the first ones seen that were able to calculate Fo- and Po-Values, which was a 
significant breakthrough for the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

The demand for a small wireless system resulted in the development of the PC-Based TrackSense® Data Logging System, which in combination with the software packages and the large range of accessories for all kind of applications was the most advanced on the market. 

With the unrivalled PC-based E-Val™ System, CTF-Thermometers and the TrackSense® 
Ellab is today the only supplier of complete wireless and real time solutions where measurements of time, temperature, pressure, deformation, relative humidity, rotation speed and the calculation of Fo/Po-values can be accumulated and displayed in the same process files.

Pyrogen Testing

The galvanometer system was further developed for temperature measurements in rabbits during the test for pyrogens, resulting in remarkable improvements in accuracy and ease of use for the pharmaceutical industry. 

This know-how lead to the first temperature recorders which eliminated the labour intensive, manual recording temperatures and further to the first computerized automatic pyrogen testing system, capable of calculation and interpretation of the measured results, according to a range of pharmacopoeias. 

Today Ellab provides the worlds most advanced PC-Based Pyromon™ System running on a Windows platform, including a database for tracking of all the rabbits.

Medical and Surgical Applications

Medical and Surgical Applications

As the result of  continued demand from many medical practitioners the first portable light spot galvanometer thermometer was developed by Ellab. Together with a selection of unique thermocouple probes, this system was capable of very accurate and fast measurements. At a time when temperature measurements were being performed with a mercury in glass thermometer this was a tremendous achievement.

Ellab is building confidence

Ellab improves the quality of life by contributing to building confidence in food and health products, by providing solutions for measuring, recording, monitoring and validating critical parameters of thermal processing. 

Ellab is known worldwide as the only manufacturer of complete instrumentation, software, probes, fittings and accessories for Thermal Validation Solutions. Over 20.000 systems have been sold worldwide.

Ellab equipment is CE-approved, ISO certified and manufactured according to international standards, the software packages are validated according to GAMP, and the measuring results are approved by EEC-Regulations, FDA/USDA and other regulatory authorities worldwide.

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